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Anamosa Lawn Care & Fertilizing Services

What We Offer

Looking for reliable, professional lawn care services in Anamosa, Iowa? Look no further than Creekside Lawn Care, where you can depend on an immaculately groomed lawn. We proudly provide mowing and fertilizing services to homes and businesses in Anamosa, Iowa.


Professional mowing services to ensure that your lawn looks the best that it can. With techniques learned from the industry’s best, we’ll leave your lawn looking beautiful.

Fertilization & Weed Control

Partnered with D&K products, a local family-owned business. Top-tier product thrown down at the most ideal rates in the Anamosa area. With this product, we offer a 5-step program that gives you the best results.


Creekside Lawncare uses deep tine Aerators to penetrate the soil to create air flow. It’s recommended to Aerate on an annual basis to help soil compaction and disease prevention.

Leaf Cleanup

Keep your lawn looking clean, healthy and ready for winter with our leaf and debris cleanup services.

No matter the lawn care service, we have you covered.

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